Welcome to

El Rancho Vaupel

breeders of

Texas Longhorn Cattle

El Rancho Vaupel, where the word of God is spoken and Texas Longhorn cattle are lovingly raised, has been our home since January, 1998. What started as the realization of a childhood dream and a chance to escape from the city has become a haven of rest for us and a retreat to the many visitors who have honored us with their presence. Besides half a dozen Texas Longhorns, one dog and three cats call the ranch home.

We are located one mile west and 1.5 miles north of Yoder, CO. We can actually see the Yoder post office from our front porch. Feel free to visit us at the ranch. Just call ahead to make sure that we are going to be home.

Just like this web page, El Rancho Vaupel is constantly under construction.

  • You can contact us at:
  • P. O. Box 279
  • Yoder, CO 80864
  • or call us at:
  • (719) 478-2157
  • or email us at:
  • larry@elranchovaupel.com